Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making a Living Without a Job

~ By Barbara J. Winter
(Winning Ways For Creating Work That You Love)

A book I bought over 10 years ago... to create a job around something you love doing is basically the premise of the book. It has lists of personality traits that make doing this kind of thing easier, and what to work on if those traits do not come naturally.

It has been my goal since forever (my mid to late 20's) to start and run my own business -- the flexibility that can come with it, the ability to work whatever hours suit me (usually from 6pm until 2 or 3am is my best creative time) and make lots of fun creative decisions (name of business, logo, how will I market and advertise, websites... communication --not to mention the actual business product, etc...), the sense of real accomplishment... that truly all the experience(s) I've had will have led to this soul-satisfying, constantly-recharged and re-charging of my creative sensibilities yet is a solid, real and "IT MATTERS" way to spend my energy.

So my friend T mentioned kinda casually - but with all seriousness - that we should put together a book of the crafts that we have been doing for the seniors. Crafts for the seasons ~ 14 ~ A Crafter's Dozen (because more is always better for those times when you don't have enough ;-).

Well, I started a binder for my crafts classes - the intent of which is/was to put together by month the supplies I used, do a write up on the level of success of the project by my audience (indpendent seniors), and have photos of the 'demo' of the project, as well as pictures with the class members and their creations.


Kellie said...

Three words for ya:

Go. For. It.

This sounds right up your ally (on the creative side). And also would be very good for strengthening those areas where you still struggle (organization and consistency).

OK...that was more than three words. But I have no doubt you could do this!

Baroness Insomniac said...

I think this is right for you! =)) I think its a fantastic opportunity. =))